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With Anypoint Exchange™ you can quickly and easily search for MuleSoft certified connectors, templates, best practice examples, and APIs that support RAML®/have WSDLs.

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Connectors make it easy to connect to the most common data sources, whether it be protocols, file systems, or web based APIs. With over a hundred connectors to choose from, Anypoint Exchange makes it easy to search for, and get, the latest MuleSoft tested connector for the data source, application, or device you’re connecting to.

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Templates provide a pre-built flow with the connectors in place. Simply configure the connectors to handle the data you want to migrate, sync (one-way or two-way), or broadcast. Save time and effort for actions such as: establishing a bidirectional sync between SAP and SalesForce, setting up a SAP to Workday broadcast, migrating data from a database to SalesForce, and more.

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Anypoint Exchange contains numerous searchable examples to help you accomplish the task at hand quickly, all using best practices. It’s an ideal solution for processes like these:

  • Implementing B2B using file transfer
  • Using JMS in a transactional scope
  • Storing a file via FTP after converting the data to JSON
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