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API Manager

MuleSoft’s API Manager™ goes beyond providing a simple proxy for your API, protecting your back-end architecture from a myriad of attacks. With the API Manager you can set up SLAs for users, partners, and customers as well as manage and track usage of your API down to the applications making each call.

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A layer of protection

API Manager protects your API from numerous types of attacks, ranging from DDoS to JSON and XML threat protection, preventing malicious users, and accidental infinite loops from hitting your underlying architecture.

API Manager also lets you set up multiple types of authentication (from digest, to basic auth, to token, to OAuth, to Federated) and gives you the ability to create your own custom policies within Mule®.

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SLAs that scale

Along with providing multiple layers of protection, API Manager enables you to set up global and group based SLAs, letting you limit access and set throttle and rate limits. Using SLAs allows you to grant more access to priority users such as internal departments or partners, while also preventing abuse if shared publicly.

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User and application management

API Manager helps automate user and application management, so you can quickly create new API users and applications with Anypoint Platform™ or Anypoint API Portal™.

The admin lets you manage each user or application individually, making it easy to approve new requests, restrict users, or adjust an application’s SLA.

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