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API Designer

Designing and documenting your API has never been easier. MuleSoft’s API Designer™ lets you design your API using RAML®, a human readable format that encourages design patterns and code reuse.

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Real-time preview

With the real-time console, you can see exactly what your API will look like as you create each resource and method. The console doubles for interactive documentation, meaning not only can you see how your API will function, you can preview your API’s documentation before writing a single line of code.

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Real-time collaboration

With MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ you can let multiple team members access and work on the API design, letting you invite in your architects, engineers, even your technical writers and support teams to bring the entire API lifecycle together.

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Real-time mock of your API

MuleSoft’s mocking service lets you share a real-time mock of your API design with other teams or engineers around the world, letting mobile teams develop applications in parallel to API development, and allowing you to take advantage of APX or agile user testing to ensure your API meets all of your clients’ needs.

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