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Mule ESB 3.1.0 CE Release Notes

Apr 04, 2012 17:10

Janet Revell

Jan 21, 2013 17:10

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Mule ESB 3.1.0 CE Release Notes

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Mule ESB 3.1.0 CE Release Notes

The Mule team is please to announce the availability of Mule ESB 3.1. This is a follow-up release to Mule ESB 3.0.1, which continues MuleSoft's commitment to making Mule the industry's most powerful, simplest to use, and up-to-date Open Source ESB.

NOTE: In previous versions of Mule ESB, you were required to set the MULE_HOME environment variable in order for Mule to start. As of version 3.1, the MULE_HOME variable is not required. If you have an existing MULE_HOME variable pointing to a previous version of Mule, you may see inconsistent results. Therefore, if you have previously set this variable, you should unset it.

Current Release Version


Enterprise Edition

Community Edition







New in Mule ESB Version 3.1

Mule Cloud Connect

Mule Cloud Connect enables simple integration of cloud-based applications and data without any programming. Mule 3.1 includes major improvements to Cloud Connect, including custom schemas for each connector, much simpler invocation of connectors, a new polling mechanism, message enrichment capabilities, and a simple yet powerful logging facility. Cloud connectors can also access the full range of Mule expressions allowing for very powerful integration and orchestration without any coding.

Web Services

Mule 3 dramatically simplified SOAP web services in Mule with the Simple Service configuration pattern and a new implementation of CXF leveraging the Mule 3 message processor architecture. In 3.1, Mule's CXF support has been upgraded to use the most recent version of CXF, 2.3.0. Support for the WS-*Stack was also improved. Most notably, Mule now supports WS-ReliableMessaging and asynchronous reply to endpoints for WS-Addressing. Validation of web services has also been enhanced. You can now turn on validation of incoming SOAP messages with CXF through a new validationEnabled configuration attribute.

Security Updates

In Mule 3.1, Spring Security has been upgraded from 2.0.4 to 3.0.3. This should be transparent to Mule configurations, except in two areas:

  • Schema changes
  • Java package changes

For more information on how to update your applications, refer to Configuring Security and the Migration Guide.

BPM Integration

Mule ESB provides strong orchestration capabilities via the new Flow configuration in Mule 3 for short-lived transaction, where the goal is to maximize throughput and scalability. For other use cases like long running transaction, Mule has long included BPM Module Reference between Mule, commercial and open source BPM vendors (like jBPM, Activiti, BonitaSoft BPM, etc.). You can find support for other BPM providers on the MuleForge.

In these release the Mule team has worked on the following integrations:

jBPM Integration

A jBPM business process is now a component in Mule rather than a transport, this not only enable the use case when we are connecting to an external BPM engine but also enable the use case when using jBPM "inside" Mule to process messages. Incoming messages to the component automatically advance the process, and the running process can send messages to any outbound endpoint. For more info., refer to BPM Module Reference.

Activiti Integration

The Mule team has been busy contributing to the Activiti BPM project and will be releasing support in Mule 3 for Activiti very soon. For more information about Activiti Integration

Mule ESB Management Console Enterprise Edition

  • Deployment support: Remotely provision applications to a group of Mule servers with a few clicks. Use a single tool for deployment to enable DevOps-style collaboration between development and operations. Reduce risks by promoting smaller and more frequent change.
  • Integrated Application Repository: Store multiple Mule applications in a central repository, including version and history information.
  • Dashboards: Monitor your entire system from a single customized screen. Create dashboards at the global and individual server levels. Consolidate raised alerts, server health/metrics, and application/deployment status on a single screen.
  • Role base authorization: Segment users into groups based on role. Define role-based access capabilities. Maintain consistent view of infrastructure across development and operations, while reducing the risk of unauthorized actions
  • Versioning backward compatibility agent: The latest Mule ESB Management Console is backward compatible with Mule 2.2.x, so you can manage all your Mule Servers from a single console, regardless what version of Mule you are running.

Bug Fixes

Mule 3.1 also includes fixes for over 40 bugs. Details can be found in the release notes. As usual, several of these were patches submitted by the Mule user community and we thank you for your contributions to making Mule a great product!
Other important changes in this release:

  • Support for Spring Security v3
  • Asynchronous reply to endpoints for WS-Addressing
  • WS-ReliableMessaging support
  • You can now turn on validation of incoming SOAP messages with CXF through a new "validationEnabled" configuration attribute

Migration from Previous Versions

For instructions on migrating from a previous version, consult the Mule Migration page.

Fixed in this Release

Mule Community Edition version 3.1 builds on the features added in version 3.0 and fixes the following issues. In addition, all the fixes from previous 3.1 milestones are included.

MULE-5304Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperMule Unix startup scripts doesn't output use of MULE_HOME if it's already set
MULE-5299Documentation / WebsiteSpring Security Mule3USer doc needs updated to reflect support for Spring Security 3.0
MULE-5298Documentation / WebsiteCreating Custom Routers topic mentions inbound routers
MULE-5294Core: ConfigurationOnly simple message processors can be used within <response> element
MULE-5293Build: Distributionsmule-embedded.jar should not require all 3rd party libs to start up
MULE-5289Build: DistributionsBuild number is not displayed in splash screen
MULE-5287Core: EndpointsException thrown during stop() phase wrongly says: "Failed to start inbound endpoint"
MULE-5286Tools: ArchetypesLocate NamespaceHandlerTestCase in config sub package
MULE-5284Tools: ArchetypesCatalog Archetype not working in 3.1.0
MULE-5283Core: Exception HandlingException listener does not receive/propagate flowConstuct/lifecyle correctly
MULE-5282Core: Event/MessageInvokeMessageProcessor should not create a new Map when doing expression handling
MULE-5280Core: Concurrency / IllegalThreadStateException
MULE-5279Tools: ArchetypesMule transport archetype references old endpoint builder classes
MULE-5275Examples / TutorialsLoanBroker BPM and LoanBroker Simple use the same 11081 port, result in 'simple' version never invoked
MULE-5272Core: Registry, Core: TransformersNo transformer caching in MuleRegistryHelper causes runtime performance issues
MULE-5271Transport: CXF / XFireCXF validation throwing a classcast exception
MULE-5270Documentation / WebsiteTransformer Configuration Reference page is broken
MULE-5269Core: Exception HandlingClean up exception strategy schema elements after exception strategy work in core
MULE-5266Core: LifecycleWireTap/Enricher don't propagate lifecycle/injection to nested message processor
MULE-5265Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperMule work dir must be fixed within MULE_HOME, and fallback to current dir for embedded case only
MULE-5259Transport: AJAXPerforming an RPC call from javascript to a AJAX endpoint sometimes just echos the inbound payload
MULE-5258Examples / TutorialsScripting example doesn't filter out favicon.ico on the http endpoint
MULE-5256Core: Routing / FiltersFirstSuccessful router should have a failureExpression to customize the failure criteria
MULE-5255Core: ComponentsMethod cache in MethodHeaderPropertyEntryPointResolver fails when used for multiple component classes
MULE-5250Core: Event/Message<enricher> overrides the payload even when a target attribute is defined
MULE-5248Build: DistributionsRemove the JCA packaging from CE for 3.1
MULE-5246Core: ConfigurationLocal Schema resolution not working
MULE-5234Transport: FileProblem writing parts from ZipInputStream
MULE-5228Core: ExpressionsVariable expression evaluator/enricher for temporary storage during flow.
MULE-5225Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)Upgrade Spring Security to 3.0.3
MULE-5224Core: ConfigurationGenerate warnings for deprecated schema elements
MULE-5223Transport: CXF / XFireBug in CXF 2.2.2
MULE-5222Core: ConfigurationImplement polling message source
MULE-5219Modules: Expressions (OGNL, RegEx, others)Json expression evaluator does not return lists and cannot be used with expression splitter
MULE-5218Core: ExpressionsExpressionManager parse() chokes on nested expressions
MULE-5215Core: ComponentsLogger processor that logs via commons logging with expression support and configurable level/category
MULE-5214Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper"MULE_HOME is set to " message in win startup script (no actual value displayed)
MULE-5211Core: Bootstrap / Java Service not loaded if isn't present
MULE-5209Tools: Archetypesmule-project-archetype generates a sample configuration file that has an invalid namespace for Mule core
MULE-5207Core: Endpoints, Core: Routing / FiltersRace condition related to mule-5162
MULE-5206Transport: HTTP/ HTTPSHTTPS inbound-endpoints do not work in a flow
MULE-5205Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperMule fails to startup on a ec2 64 bit ubuntu instance
MULE-5204Build: Libraries / DependenciesBump Hibernate version to 3.6.0
MULE-5202Modules: XML, XSLT, XPathInadequate documentation in mule-xml.xsd concerning packageNames attribute
MULE-5198Core: Routing / Filters<all> multicasting doesnt seem to send the initial payload to all outbound endpoints
MULE-5188Core: Concurrency / Threading<flow> uses single thread even when inbound endpoint is one-way
MULE-5184Build: DistributionsWhen bumping the minor version in the poms, we also need to bump the schema versions in the spring.schemas file
MULE-5180Core: Event/MessageAddition of ExpressionEnrichers that enrich a message given an expression and value
MULE-5179Core: Components<invoke> element that allows quick and easy invocation of an objects method with mapping from message to method arguments using mule expressions
MULE-5178Core: Concurrency / ThreadingExceptions stored in DefaultEntryPointResolverSet not threadsafe
MULE-5176Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperRegression: agents no longer registered with a startup splash screen
MULE-5175Core: Exception HandlingRemove requirement for payload to be Serializable in ExceptionStrategy
MULE-5172Tools: Archetypesmule-catalog-archetype has no tests, generates broken code
MULE-5171Transport: EmailIMAP transport inbound endpoint doesn't work. Fails to retrieve email messages
MULE-5168Core: Components, Core: Configurationrest-service-component does not work in flow
MULE-5167Core: Exception HandlingJMS retry (reconnection)
MULE-5162Core: Endpoints, Core: Routing / FiltersDynamic endpoints don't work for VM and JMS transport
MULE-5156Core: Event/MessageInterceptor stack in Mule 3.0.0 is causing wrong bean to be invoked
MULE-5152Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperDo not require MULE_HOME to be set for starting Mule
MULE-5150Transport: VMInbound attachments for VM trnsport persist after a message is sent
MULE-5143Modules: (other)Post-processor handling of @Transformer annotation is slow
MULE-5141Tools: ArchetypesCreate a configuration pattern creation archetype
MULE-5138Transport: EmailImpossible to use a user name containing @ in IMAP transport (probably affects all transports)
MULE-5134Transport: HTTP/ HTTPSWhen multiple connectors are specified dynamic endpoints errors.
MULE-5130Core: (other)Notification subsystem leaks memory
MULE-5127Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrappermule 3.0.0 won't start as a windows service
MULE-5125Core: Deployment / FederationApplications using groovy leak memory on undeployment
MULE-5124Transport: JMSActiveMQ connectors fail to reconnect after JMS server restart
MULE-5118Transport: EmailObjectToMimeTransformer only looks at inboundattachment list for attachments
MULE-5116Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL / MulticastMulticast problems on AIX
MULE-5115Core: Concurrency / ThreadingThread names can 'overwrite' each other, result in JVM not reporting actual threads
MULE-5114Transport: BPM / BPELAdd support for jbpm 4.4
MULE-5110Transport: BPM / BPELDefining attribute "processEngine-ref" of connector "jbpm-connector" as IDREF in mule-bpm.xsd is too restrictive
MULE-5101Transport: (other)Servlet transport uses session ID as unique message ID which creates issues with async-reply handling
MULE-5095Core: APIDefaultMessageCollection getPayloadAsBytes() and getPayloadAsString(enc) throw UnsupportedOperationException
MULE-5088Transport: EmailAbstractMailConnector decoding of URI username/password results in non NULL values
MULE-5086Core: Exception HandlingAn error message is logged when an exception strategy is invoked for a flow or configuration pattern
MULE-5084Core: APIImpossible to use more than one # in a URI anymore
MULE-5082Core: APIMuleEndpointURI incorrectly replaces curly brackets with braces in a query
MULE-5081Examples / Tutorialsnon-blocking exception in hello example
MULE-5065Core: Componentsstatic component should be allowed after async
MULE-5057Core: Routing / FiltersExceptionBasedRouter reuses the transformed message on the next endpoint
MULE-5040Transport: FilePossible FileNotFoundException on ONE_WAY file endpoints with auto delete enabled
MULE-5001Core: TransformersByte array to String conversion without encoding in StringToObjectArray
MULE-4982Build: Integration TestsDynamicOutboundEndpointTestCase testDefaultOneWay fails intermmtently,
MULE-4928Core: Containers, Transport: JDBCJDBC driver is not "visible" to Hibernate when running Loanbroker BPM example
MULE-4921Modules: JSR-223 ScriptingNoClassDefFoundError when running the scripting example from standalone distribution
MULE-4912Transport: HTTP/ HTTPSHttpRequestBodyToParamMap uses But URLDecoder sometimes can't decode query string which encoded by URLCodec.
MULE-4905Modules: RSS / ATOMWhen creating an ATOM entry with the Atom entry builder transformer, the author name does not get saved
MULE-4784Transport: QuartzEndpoint filters not applied when invokes via the quartz:job-endpoint
MULE-4774Core: TransportsNo EndpointMessageNotification for response messages of synchronous transports
MULE-4689Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)The crytpix libs used by the PGP module are outdated, replace with bouncycastle
MULE-4630Core: Exception HandlingConfigured Service Exception strategy does not get called for MessageRedeliveredException
MULE-4629Core: Configuration, Core: Endpoints, Core: Registry, Core: Transformersendpoint.getTransformers() is returning the wrong endpoints transformer
MULE-4523Transport: HTTP/ HTTPSWhen http transport is used for both inbound and outbound endpoints and flow is sync headers returned from outbound call should not be used for inbound response
MULE-4512Core: Routing / FiltersA response message should not be returned when a synchronous request fails due to an exception
MULE-4268Core: LifecycleRetry should not stop/start connector
MULE-4235Transport: CXF / XFireEnable validation in a CXF endpoint
MULE-4011Transport: CXF / XFireCXF not sending charset information on responses
EE-2114Examples / Tutorialsjdbc example does not work with sybase
EE-2110Examples / TutorialsEE widget example issues spurious error messages
EE-2108Transport: JDBCEE transports need to work with flows
EE-2104Examples / TutorialsSecurity example client does not work on Windows
EE-2092Build: (other)EclipseXmlCatalog.groovy generates invalid URL for EE core schema
EE-2091Build: DistributionsIncrease MaxPermSize in EE distribution
EE-2088Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperRegression: -debug switch fails to start Mule
EE-2087Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper0x7b wrapper error - log file not created
EE-2077Modules: High AvailabilityRework HA bootstrap integration
EE-2067Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)PGP encryption/decryption apparently broken in 2.x
EE-2064Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperBump Java Service Wrapper to the latest stable version for 3.x
EE-2054Transport: JDBCNullPointer instead of ConnectionException on JdbcDispatcher when Mule Starts with DB down
EE-2041Build: DistributionsMigrate License Manager groupId to com.mulesoft.licm
EE-2040Transport: JDBCAdd ability to call Sybase stored procedures on JDBC outbound endpoints
EE-2038Build: Libraries / DependenciesMuleSource -> MuleSoft migration
EE-2037Build: Libraries / DependenciesUpgrade mule-module-saml
EE-2035Transport: FTP, Transport: Quartzusing quartz over ftp to read a file does not delete a file from the src directory
EE-2028Modules: High AvailabilityBackup Mule Instance Not Connected to Primary in Mule HA
EE-2026Transport: HTTP/ HTTPSMultiple headers with the same name are not supported by Mule
EE-2024Transport: JDBCimproved jdbc transport from espeed, I think this supports sybase
EE-2019Core: TransportsServlet transport consumes POST Body and therefore shows null for @FormParam parameter
EE-2018Transport: FTPUnable to control FTP pool settings
EE-2012Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)Update SAML module to use mule-module-cxf instead of mule-transport-cxf
EE-2008Examples / TutorialsJdbc example not able to process CSV file for insert data into the database
EE-2007Core: TransformersIf multiple bean-builder-transformers use beans with same property names, Mule doesn't start
EE-2002Core: TransportsCXF outbound router encounters a TransformerException attempting to route SOAP message to first outbound-endpoint.
EE-1991Modules: Springspring:ref not supported in some cases
EE-1990Transport: JDBCXA transactions cause connections leak in pooled datasources
EE-1966Transport: EmailIMAPS transport to read a message but if filters applied then mark the email un read or NOT SEEN
EE-1960Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x QA : Service manangement notification tests
EE-1958Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x QA : com.mulesource.qatests.examples.hello.HelloHttpExampleTestCase
EE-1952Transport: VMVM queues ordering
EE-1946Build: DistributionsMove MSMQ transport & distribution into 'msmq' build profile
EE-1945Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x EE : JmsSingleTransactionSingleServiceBeginOrJoinConfigurationTestCase against WMQ6
EE-1944Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x EE : JmsSingleTransactionSingleServiceAlwaysBeginConfigurationTestCase against WMQ6
EE-1941Transport: JMSJmsMessageRequester not XA Transaction aware, closes JMS Session
EE-1937Transport: JMSNPE issue in MuleEventContext.dispatchEvent
EE-1935Core: (other)MULE_BASE stop does not work on solaris
EE-1933Transport: JMS, Transport: WebsphereMQjms local transactions 'actions' not behaving as expected
EE-1928Modules: (other)Handling Spaces in Path in populate_m2_repo.groovy
EE-1927Core: TransformersMuleDefinitionParser sees duplicate bean-property names as service names, and does not startup
EE-1924Core: Transformers, Modules: Expressions (OGNL, RegEx, others)Expression transformer conflicts with other transformers in the stack
EE-1914Transport: BPM / BPELPort jBPM improvements from Forrester project to Mule 3.x
EE-1909Core: Routing / FiltersFilters are invoked twice
EE-1907Core: Routing / Filtersoutbound endpoint is not invoked when timeout happens on collection-aggregator-router and failOnTimeout=false is set
EE-1903Build: Integration TestsConsoleWrapperTestCase and ConsoleWrapperLoggingTestCase fail on jdk1.5.0_22
EE-1902Build: (other)Maven central repo has invalid 3.0.0-M2 release
EE-1901Transport: JMSsetting clientid on wmq connector does not work
EE-1889Build: Distributionsremove support module from distributions
EE-1888Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x EE : com.mulesource.mule.transport.jms.vendors.MuleMQJmsConnectorTestCase
EE-1873Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL / Multicastsw tcp improvement
EE-1867Transport: CXFProxying POJO with simple frontend throws NPE
EE-1852Transport: WebsphereMQPlease add clientID to WMQ connector attributes
EE-1845Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL / MulticastPlease review possible TCP transport fixes and enhancements proposed by SWA
EE-1827Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperUpgrade to Tanuki wrapper 3.4.0 once it comes out
EE-1813Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL / MulticastImplement inbound client connections for TCP transport
EE-1793Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x distribution : echo unit test failures
EE-1791Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x : Linux 64bit QA : XA failures
EE-1789Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x : Linux 64bit QA
EE-1786Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x EE (3.0.0-M2-SNAPSHOT) JDK6
EE-1785Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x EE (3.0.0-M2-SNAPSHOT) JDK5 : ActiveMQ issues
EE-1784Build: (other)EE-1861 3.x EE (3.0.0-M2-SNAPSHOT) JDK5 : WMQ issues
EE-1772Transport: JMSMemory leak in TransactedPollingJmsMessageReceiver
EE-1758Build: Libraries / DependenciesUpgrade Jetty 6.x dependency
EE-1728Transport: FileImplement workDir for file transport
EE-1717Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)SpringProviderAdapter forces use of UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken
EE-1710Modules: Management / JMXTwo endpoints with same address cause JMX error
EE-1700Transport: HTTP/ HTTPSHTTP transport does not support redirects
EE-1661Modules: (other), Transport: JMS, Transport: WebsphereMQMulti-tx doesn't roll back
EE-1660Build: (other)Update company name in license headers
EE-1659Core: ConfigurationUpdate EE schema URLs to
EE-1654Core: TransportsJMS polling receiver with no dependency on XA
EE-1641Transport: JDBCPlease add support for JDBC Query timeouts
EE-1612Core: Concurrency / Threading, Core: Deployment / FederationDistributed locking for polling message receivers
EE-1604Core: Exception HandlingTransformer exceptions should be handled by service exception strategy
EE-1589Transport: HTTP/ HTTPSBasic authentication on outbound endpoints is not working with HTTPS or CXF over HTTPS outbound-endpoint
EE-1545Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperUnable to run mule ee in standalone mode
EE-1532Transport: FileExtend File connector to listen on subdirectories
EE-1523Build: (other)Create a way to disable test configs per build plan
EE-1521Core: Bootstrap / Java Service WrapperEE Bootstrap modules are duplicated on every hot-reload
EE-1513Build: (other)mule-test-exclusions.txt is ignored for parameterized JMS tests
EE-1473Transport: CXFPlease support HTTP 1.0 with CXF
EE-1463Transport: WebsphereMQRefactor WMQ Retry tests to use same class hierarchy as EE WMQ tests
EE-1447Transport: WebsphereMQWMQ Retry test failure: WMQ EE configurations
EE-1440QA: AutomationSPIKE: Developer failover testing strategy and create stories for implementing test framework
EE-1439Modules: (other)Release Mule EE 3.0 EA
EE-1438Build: DistributionsRelease Mule EE 3.0 EA Alpha with demonstrable failover
EE-1437Examples / Tutorials, Modules: (other)Create Failover Example for Story Demos
EE-1436Modules: (other)Basic Warm Failover Use Case
EE-1411Examples / Tutorials, Modules: (other)Failover Example
EE-1126Modules: (other)Failover Goal Story
EE-1120Modules: (other)Failover Clustered Router State
EE-1117Modules: (other)Failover Packaging
EE-1114Modules: (other)Warm Failover for Async Services
EE-1113Modules: (other)Warm Failover for Synchronous Services
EE-877Core: Routing / Filters, Core: TransformersPotential Improvements on
EE-728Build: (other)EE boot module should extend CE, not replace it
EE-210Core: (other), Transport: VMFilePersistenceStrategy will not work when there are at least 2 vm connectors matching protocol "vm"