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Anypoint Studio

Anypoint Studio™ makes it easy to visually develop complex integrations and applications in a fraction of the time. You’ll also have access to the underlying logic that makes up Mule® applications and the ability to import your own code libraries.

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Over a hundred connectors

With more than 100 prebuilt connectors ready right out of the box, you can easily connect to your choice of REST and SOAP APIs, protocols, data sources, even SaaS and other popular online services.

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Built-in transformers

Anypoint Studio comes with 50+ transformers built in, letting you quickly transform data from the most popular formats. The Transform Message connector lets you take advantage of visual data mapping and the power of the DataWeave™ language, letting you build complex and rule dependent transformations in seconds. You can bring in your own code to handle transformations as well.

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Built-in debugging


Anypoint Studio comes with the Mule Enterprise Runtime built-in, letting you deploy and test your applications right on your machine. And with step-based debugging you can check your application connector by connector to find any errors and ensure data quality.

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Rapid API Creation

Anypoint Studio not only lets you connect to multiple data, apps, and devices, it also lets you build full featured SOAP, RPC, and REST APIs quickly and easily. Building a RESTful API with Anypoint Studio is as simple as creating a RAML® specification for your API. Once imported into Studio, your flows, examples, and error handling will be automatically built out for you.

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Mule is fully customizable, with both open source and enterprise grade versions available. You will have full access to the underlying Java API, as well as the ability to pull in your own scripts such as JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and others.

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Ready to run

Anypoint Studio is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, and is designed for big data. Built to be extremely fast and lightweight, Mule has the power to handle nearly any workload, with the versatility to be run anywhere — even on a Raspberry Pi.

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