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Introduction to developing on Anypoint Platform

In this tutorial series, learn how to design, build, and deploy your first API. The API will take contact information from a database and upload the data into Salesforce as a New Lead.

Part 1: How to design your first API with API Designer
Part 2: Developing your first Mule application
Part 3: Deploying and managing your first API
Part 4: Connecting your first SaaS application to Salesforce

Introduction to MUnit

Prior to deploying your Mule applications and APIs, conduct unit and functional tests using MUnit, a native testing framework for Mule. Test in your local environment, or in your continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) settings.

How to create your first MUnit test in Anypoint Studio
Getting started with the MUnit Test Recorder

MuleSoft Runtime tutorials

Start your MuleSoft training and certification journey

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