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Mule runtime engine 

The Mule runtime engine™ is the heart of Anypoint Platform™ — whether connecting data, apps, and devices with Anypoint Studio™, or managing your API policies with Anypoint Platform. The Mule runtime is both lightweight and powerful, handling even the largest workloads.

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On-premise and In the cloud

Not only can Mule® run on a Raspberry Pi, you can take advantage of MuleSoft’s Cloud hosting, host it elsewhere, or run Mule on-premise.

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Simple management

Mule can be easily managed in the way you’re most comfortable, whether via shell, using our on-premise manager, or taking advantage of our own cloud solution. And with a built-in REST API for both our on-premise and cloud solutions, you can easily automate deployment and take advantage of continuous integration practices.

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Mule is fully customizable, with both an open source and enterprise grade version available. Either way, you’ll have full access to the underlying Java API, as well as the ability to pull in your own connectors, jars, and scripts. And with DevKit you can quickly build custom connectors for any use case, letting you connect to any application, data-source, or device.

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