MuleSoft Products and Licensing

MuleSoft offers some products as open source projects, under the CPAL license, while others are commercial products offered on a subscription basis for production deployments. Some of these commercial products are free for use in development and pre-production.

Note: Mule ESB and other MuleSoft products bundle 3rd part open source libraries that are made available under their respective licenses.





Development / pre-productionProduction

Mule ESB CommunityIdeal for evaluation or pre-production use, for organizations that have sufficient internal resources to support and manage the ESB infrastructure.CPALFreeFree
Mule ESB EnterpriseThe enterprise-class version of Mule ESB, available by subscription. Best for production deployments, or if you have requirements for management, performance, HA, resiliency, or technical support. Includes the powerful Mule ESB Management Console.Commercial30-day trial / subscriptionSubscription
Mule StudioGraphical design environment for Mule – deploy to Mule ESB Community, Mule ESB Enterprise, or the CloudHub™ cloud platform.CommercialFreeN/A
Tcat Tcat Server is enterprise Tomcat made simple -- an enterprise Tomcat application server that lets you run your existing Apache Tomcat applications without any changes, but adds critical functionality to help you manage Tomcat, including visual configuration management, performance diagnostics, and application provisioning, all accessed through an intuitive management console.Commercial30-day trial / subscriptionSubscription